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COMING SOON! - Precision 70 kVAC probe

  • Excellent accuracy: 0.50% typical across full measurement range
  • Handles AC input voltages to 70 kV RMS
  • 2,000 MΩ input impedance
  • Temperature coefficient < 50 ppm/°C
  • Compact profile
  • Compatible with all CPS probe tips
  • Measures AC voltages only

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Model 357 is a precision, 10000:1 high voltage probe that allows low-level voltmeters to safely and accurately measure AC voltages (only) up to 70 kVrms. It is constructed using our oil-free, state-of-the-art epoxy encapsulation technology. Calibration is traceable to primary standards. Its excellent accuracy, high load impedance, and compact size make it ideally suited for calibrating, monitoring and testing HV transformers and a wide range of other high voltage equipment. The divider is buffered by an internal amplifier to provide low output impedance for conventional low-level voltmeters. The amplifier is powered from an external 5VDC power module that is included with HVP-357.


The probe includes an attached grounding cable which, when connected to a suitable ground potential, protects the operator and measurement system from high voltage exposure. A high voltage bell is integrated into the probe body between its handle and high voltage tip to increase the surface path length, effectively increasing the distance between operator and high voltage.

Probe tips

A variety of interchangeable probe tips are available to meet a range of application requirements. The probe end has a threaded opening that allows standard CPS tips as well as custom tips to be easily attached. Two additional threaded openings are provided in the high voltage bell to allow the probe to be securely mounted to a measurement system.

Included Accessories

  • 1-corona ball tip
  • 1-pointed tip
  • 1-connector insert
  • 1-5V USB power supply
  • 1-USB cable

Probe tips

PN Image Description
250B Corona ball tip. This probe tip has a large radius of curvature that helps to minimize arcing to the tip when making and breaking high voltage connections. The contact end has an opening that serves as a jack for standard banana plugs. A connector insert (PN 250S) is required to attach this tip to the probe.
250P Pointed tip for probing circuitry in confined spaces where a corona ball won't fit. The contact point has a moderate radius of curvature to reduce arcing, and extended length to allow selective probing. A connector insert (PN 250S) is required to attach this tip to the probe.
250H Hook tip. This tip allows the probe to hang on a suitably shaped high voltage electrode for hands-free operation. It screws directly into the probe and does not require a connector insert.
250S Connector insert. A connector insert is required to attach the probe to a 250B or 250P probe tip. One end screws into the probe and the other into the probe tip. A single insert can be shared by multiple tips, though it's handy to have two if the tips are changed frequently.

USB Power Adapter

5V-USB power adapter is included with the Model 357 probe and is compatible with 72-inch USB cable.

PN Image Description
USBPS 5-volt power adapter. 5V 5W AC/DC external wall mount adapter fixed blade input.
Maximum voltage70 kVrms
Input impedance10 pF
Divider ratios10000:1 (70 kV ⟼ 7 Vrms)
Accuracy0.50% error
Temperature coefficient< 150 ppm/°C
Output connectorBNC
Weight3.7 lb
Dimensions21-inches long
Input power5V @ 200 mA
Model Description Price Order Qty.
1 2–9
357 COMING SOON! - Precision 70 kVAC probe $812 $738
Included Accessories
250B HV probe tip, corona ball $47 $47
250P HV probe tip, pointed $18 $18
250S HV probe tip connector insert $2 $2
Optional Accessories
250H HV probe tip, hook $14 $14
Included Cable
USBCBL 72-inch Cable, USB A-Mini to B $10 $10
Included Power Adapter
USBPS 5V USB power supply $50 $50