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MODEL 130NF/1314

Single output power supply with floating ground: −30 kV @ 500 μA

  • 30 kV output at 500 μA
  • AC input
  • Ripple under 200 mV at full load
  • Arc- and short-proofed
  • Local/remote programming
  • HV output cable included
  • Floating grounding wire

Model 130NF/1314 is ideal for system component or laboratory use in applications requiring a highly stable, highly regulated, low-noise source of high voltage power. Features include remote programming, ripple under 200 mV, short-circuit and arc protection, and a wide range of precision and ultra-precision configurations available for system and laboratory use. Typical applications include focused ion beam machines, electron microscopes, and electron-beam lithography.

Also see our Model 130N for applications in which the grounding wire need not be separated from the case. The 130N also provides built-in metering outputs, whereas the 130NF/1314 does not. The 130 Series also includes the 130P, a positive-output 30 kV power supply. Please contact CPS to discuss other customization options for the 130 Series of power supplies.

Input voltage115/220 VAC
Input current1.4 A maximum
Output voltage30 kV maximum (programmable)
Output current500 μA maximum
Line regulation0.005% for ±10% change in input voltage
Load regulation0.005% for full swing from no load to full load
Output ripple< 200 mV peak-to-peak at full load
Time stability0.005% in 1 hour
0.01% in 8 hours
Temperature coefficient< 50 ppm/°C
Program voltage0 to 9 VDC
Dimensions8 × 4 × 9 in.
Weight16.1 lb (7.3 kg)
Operating temperature0 to 45 °C
Ground to chassisFloating
Output connectorCPS Model 130CBL-01
MeteringMetering outputs not included
Block diagramsInstallation of Model 130NF/1314
Installation of Model 130NF/1314, alternate
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130NF Single output power supply with floating ground: −30 kV @ 500 μA $2,770 $2,518 Call
130PSingle output power supply: +30 kVCallCall