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CPS power supplies for electron-beam lithography provide either four or five outputs, the various voltages of which differ depending on the customer's specific requirements.

Electron-beam lithography may be used to print features at resolutions below 10 nanometers. It is a slower and potentially higher-resolution process than other forms of nanolithography, and so it is particularly important for power sources to remain uniform over time. CPS' power supplies for lithography produce highly stable outputs with very low ripple and noise, as well as advanced arc and short protection.

Power Supplies

Model 1966A — Five output power supply with accelerating focus

  • −15 kV@10μA
  • +15 kV@1 mA
  • +30 kV@10 μA
  • −2 kV @ 10 μA
  • +5.5 V @ 0 to 3.5 A
Model 1966A

Model 1966D — Five output power supply with decelerating focus

  • −15 kV @ 10 μA
  • +15 kV @ 1 mA
  • +5 kV @ 10 μA
  • −2 kV @ 10 μA
  • +5.5 V @ 0 to 3.5 A
Model 1966D

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