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50 kV cable for HV power supplies

  • Low corona noise
  • Safely disconnects without arc-over
  • Mates to CPS 50 kV power supplies

Model 150CBL is a high voltage coaxial cable assembly that conveys up to 50 kV between a CPS power supply and external circuitry. It has one or two high voltage connectors that are compatible with and will securely mate to several CPS power supply models. The advanced CPS-designed connector has a low corona noise, 4.25-inch center electrode that allows the cable to be safely disconnected from powered equipment without arc-over.

Two cable versions are available. Model 150CBL-01 has a CPS connector at one end and flying leads at the other end. Model 150CBL-02 has CPS connectors at both ends; this provides a convenient way to connect a high voltage power supply to a viewing block. The 150CBL typically has a maximum length of ten feet. Please specify length when ordering, or call us for longer lengths.

Maximum voltage50 kV

Connector dimensions (inches)

Model Description Price Order Qty.
1 2–9
150CBL-01 50 kV cable with flying lead $332 $332
150CBL-02 50 kV cable with two connectors $575 $575