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MODEL 2591

Single output power supply: +0.01 to 30 kV @ 500 μA

  • Output ripple under 200 mV p–p at 500 μA
  • Temperature coefficient under 25 ppm/°C
  • Stored energy under 1 J
  • Low reflected ripple on input power line
  • Separate connections for HV output, cable shield, and programming reference
  • Compact enclosure: 6.0 × 2.1 × 3.7 in.
  • Commonly used in focused ion beam systems

The Model 2591 is a high-stability power supply designed for the difficult requirements of focused ion beam systems. It features low ripple and low stored energy. The low stored energy at the output reduces computer system upsets when arcing occurs within the beam column and prevents damage to the semiconductor wafer being probed.

The low output ripple is the result of using sine wave excitation to the high voltage multiplier, as well as the use of a novel ripple cancellation circuit. This avoids the use of a large value output capacitor, and sine wave excitation generates less noise on the input power line in comparison to square wave excitation.

The 2591 uses separate power return lines for the high voltage load, the input power, and the voltage programming reference. Separating these signals reduces unwanted interactions between the critical programming reference and the other circuits.

Input voltage24 VDC ± 5%
Input current300 mA
Line regulation0.001%
Output voltage0.01 to 30 kV
Output current500 μA
Load regulation0.001%
Output ripple< 200 mV peak-to-peak
Time stability0.005% in 1 hour
0.01% in 8 hours
Temperature coefficient< 25 ppm/°C
Dimensions6.0 × 2.1 × 3.7 in.
Operating temperature range0 to 50 °C
Output connectorCarton or other LGH
Program voltage5 V FS, 10 kV per volt
Voltage metering1 V per 10 kV output
Current metering1 V per 100 μA
Technical specificationsModel 2591 Instruction Manual
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