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MODEL 2594-10

Single output unipolar power supply: ±0.01 to 10 kV @ 5 mA

  • 10 kV anode output
  • Low ripple
  • Low temperature coefficient
  • Low stored energy
  • Wide output voltage range
  • Excellent stability
  • Separate ground for case, signal, and power
  • Common applications include ion beam generation

Model 2594-10 is a high-performance modular power supply for ion beams and other applications. The standard 10 kV configuration can be of either positive or negative polarity. The 2594-10 delivers exceptional performance in all critical power supply parameters, such as ripple, stability, temperature coefficient, and regulation.

Low ripple is achieved with active ripple rejection circuits. The advantages of this design include lower stored energy, compact packaging, and improved reliability, should arcing occur. The exceptional stability and low temperature coefficient of the 2594-10 are the result of careful design practice and the incorporation of quality components throughout.

Input voltage24 VDC
Input current2.8 A
Line regulation0.001%
PolarityPositive or negative (factory selected)
Output voltage0.010 to 10 kV
Output current5 mA
Load regulation0.001%
Output ripple< 100 mV peak-to-peak at 10 kV, 5 mA
Time stability0.005% in 1 hour
0.01% in 8 hours
Temperature coefficient20 ppm/°C
Operating temperature0 to 50 °C
Voltage metering1 V per 10 kV output
Current metering1 V per 0.5 mA output
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