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MODEL 2596

Quad unipolar output precision power supply: 4 × ±30 kV @ 200 μA

  • Up to 30 kV positive or negative outputs
  • Up to 200 μA (200–1000 μA options available upon request)
  • Output noise and ripple under 200 mV p–p at full load for each output
  • Independent programming, voltage, and current metering
  • Output voltage stability under 10 ppm/hr
  • Temperature coefficient under 10 ppm/°C
  • Excellent load and line regulation (0.001%)
  • Outstanding slew rate (over 35 V/ms) without voltage overshoots
  • Standard 19″ rack enclosure
  • Shielded high voltage CPS output connectors
  • Arc and short protected, overcurrent and overvoltage limited
  • AC line voltage input

The Model 2596 quad output power supply is designed for precision high voltage applications. It is used as a laboratory supply in systems in which low noise, high stability, and fast response are main requirements. Applications include electron and ion beam optics and high voltage testing.

This model provides very high quality output voltage parameters without sacrificing reliability. It can withstand severe short circuits, arcs, and any other fast output and input transients. Voltage and current limits provide safe and reliable power supply protection against long-term overloads and load malfunctions.

The provision of four outputs allows users to configure their own charged particle optics systems in which every voltage can be controlled and monitored independently. The internal separation of control return from case ground and high voltage return removes the possibility of noise reflection from control inputs on the output side. These design features assure that the output ripple and noise specifications are met even if external control signals are noisy. The 2596 is available with one analog meter (2596-A1), one digital meter (2596-D1), or four digital meters (2596-D4).

NOTE: Please call for further details regarding customization options for the 2596.

Input voltage120 VAC at 60 Hz (220 VAC at 50 Hz option available)
Input current< 2.5 A at 0.5 mA for all outputs
PolarityPositive or negative (factory selectable)
Output voltage0 to 30 kV, programmable
Output current200 μA maximum (200 to 1000 μA options available)
Output voltage stability10 ppm/hr
Noise and ripple< 200 mV peak-to-peak
Temperature coefficient10 ppm/°C
Voltage metering5 V per 30 kV on each output (10 V option available)
Voltage programming5 V per 30 kV on each output (10 V option available)
Current metering5 V per 0.5 mA (10 V option available)
Low voltage connectorsBNC type for metering and programming
Meter options2596-D4
Model Description Price Order Qty.
1 2–9
2596-D4 30 kV precision quad output power supply with 4 digital meters $6,222 $5,656 Call
2596-D1 30 kV precision quad output power supply with 1 digital meter $5,236 $4,760 Call
2596-A1 30 kV precision quad output power supply with 1 analog meter $5,152 $4,684 Call