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Single output unipolar power supply: 0 to ±10 kV @ 25 mA

  • Soft start circuit
  • Safety interlock
  • Power interrupt trip
  • Arc and short circuit protection
  • Overvoltage protection
  • Common applications include electrophoresis and electron beam systems

Model 560 is a low-cost electrophoresis and electron beam power supply designed for embedded systems. Its high voltage output is isolated from the AC line voltage and the case. A special circuit monitors leakage current to the case and trips a logic circuit for currents greater than 500 μA. The unit is designed to withstand continuous short circuits without damage.

Multiple 560 units may be used in parallel in order to achieve loads exceeding 25 mA.

Input voltage120/220 VAC, 50/60 Hz (switch-selectable)
PolarityPositive or negative (factory selected)
Output voltage0 to 10 kVDC, adjustable
Output current25 mA maximum
Adjustable output range100 to 5,000 V
Line regulation< 1% for ±20% change
Load regulation< 1% for 0 to 25 mA swing
Output ripple< 1.0% at full load
Temperature coefficient100 ppm/°C
StabilityVoltage 0.01% per hour, current 0.05%
Operating temperature range0 to 50 °C
Voltage programming0 to 5 V at 1 V per 2 kV of output (10 V optional)
Voltage monitor output1 V per 2 kV of output (10 V option available)
Current monitor output1 V per 5.0 mA of output (10 V option available)
Ground leakage monitorPower supply shut-off within 1 second of 500 μA current
Dimensions130 × 180 × 280 mm
I/O connectorAlden Pulse Lok connector
Case ground#10 threaded stud with nut
ISO ground#8 threaded stud with nut
Enable pinYes (active when low)
Power input module3-wire line cord receptacle (fused)
LED power-on indicatorYes
ManualModel 560 Instruction Manual
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1 2–9
560P Single output power supply: 0 to +10 kV @ 25 mA $1,067 $970 Call
560N Single output power supply: 0 to −10 kV @ 25 mA $1,067 $970 Call