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MODEL 6001

Double output power supply: 0 to −30 kV @ 500μA, 4 to 5 A @ 4 to 5 V

  • Very stable −30 kV electron beam supply
  • Arc and short circuit protection
  • 5 A integrated filament supply floating at beam potential
  • Remote programming of beam voltage
  • Beam voltage, beam current, and filament current readouts
  • Optimized for SEM and X-ray tube applications
Model 6001 is an obsolete product and is no longer manufactured. Product information is shown here for the benefit of customers who are still using it.

Model 6001 is manufactured for scanning electron microscopes and X-ray tubes that require −30 kV of accelerating voltage. A filament supply, referenced to the high voltage, is integrated into the isolated enclosure. The bias voltage can be regulated between the filament and grid potential (from −30 kV to −35 kV) to adjust beam current to a required value.

Digital or analog front panel meters are available to measure beam voltage, beam current and filament current. Two ten-turn control potentiometers allow fine adjustments of beam voltage and filament current. Remote controlling mode uses a 5 kΩ potentiometer to adjust the beam voltage between 0 and −30 kV.

Please specify all options upon ordering. Call CPS for further information regarding customization options for the 6001.

Input voltage115 VAC ± 10% at 60 Hz
Line regulation0.001% for line voltage
Output voltage0 to 30 kV
Output current500 μA
Output ripple300 mV peak-to-peak maximum
Output voltage stability0.01% per 8 hours
Load regulation0.001% for no-load to full-load swing
Filament supply
Filament current4 to 5 A, 4 to 5 V
Bias voltage−30 to −35 kV (adjustable)
HV output connector3 conductor Federal Standard X-ray connector