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MODEL 6004

Double output power supply: 0 to −30 kV @ 500μA, 0 to 5 A @ 0 to 5 V

  • Very stable −30 kV electron beam supply
  • Arc and short circuit protection
  • 5 A integrated filament supply floating at beam potential
  • Remote programming of beam voltage
  • Beam voltage, beam current, and filament current readouts
  • Optimized for SEM and X-ray tube applications
Model 6004 is an obsolete product and is no longer manufactured. Product information is shown here for the benefit of customers who are still using it.

Model 6004 is a power supply manufactured for scanning electron microscopes that require −30 kV beam voltages. A filament supply and focus supply are integrated into the gun box of the 6004, an isolated enclosure through which power is transferred. The −30 kV beam voltage elevates the gun box power supplies.

Digital or analog meter readouts are available for monitoring beam voltage and filament current. In the local operating mode, two ten-turn controls allow fine adjustment of filament current and beam voltage. In remote mode, a 0 to 10 volt programming voltage adjusts the beam voltage between 0 and −30 kV. A remote 0 to 5 volts will program the filament current between 0 and 5 A.

Input voltage120 VAC ± 10% at 60 Hz
Line regulation±2 V
Output voltage0 to −30 kV
Output current500 μA
Output ripple200 mV peak-to-peak maximum
Output voltage stability0.01% per 8 hours
Load regulation±2 V
Programming voltage0 to 10 V input for 0 to −30 kV output
Filament supply
Filament current5 A ± 0.3 A
Filament ripple current< 200 mV peak-to-peak
Filament line regulation< 20 mA
Filament load regulation< 20 mA
Filament programming voltage0 to 5 V input for 0 to 5 A output
Focus voltage
Focus voltage output1.5 kV
Focus voltage current100 μA
Bias voltage load regulation< 0.1 μA