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Single output programmable bipolar power supply: ±30 kV @ 300μA

  • Wide output voltage range
  • Output voltage polarity reversible on the fly
  • No arcing when cable unplugged from unit
  • Output voltage softened by resistors
  • Voltage programming via front panel mounted potentiometer
  • Voltage metering via front panel digital display

Model BP2592 is a bipolar power supply designed for electrostatic applications requiring occasional output voltage reversal. Standard configuration is a ±30 kV version. Polarity is selected via a switch on the front panel. This unit is designed to safely withstand continuous short circuits without damage. The BP2592 sets the standard for high performance in modular high voltage power supplies.

Input voltage115 VAC (230 VAC optional)
Input current300 μA maximum
Line regulation±0.01%
Output polarityPositive or negative, reversible by user
Output voltage−30 to +30 kVDC (programmable)
Output current300 μA rated
Output ripple0.1% peak-to-peak of output voltage
Load regulation< 2% for no-load to full-load swing
Long term stability0.01% per hour, after 0.5 hour warm-up
Temperature coefficient100 ppm/°C
ProgrammingVia potentiometer mounted on front panel
Output protectionShort circuit and arc protected
Output voltage self-restores after brief removal
Operating temperature0 to 50 °C
Internal fuse250 V, 1.6 A
DocumentationModel BP2592 Instruction Manual
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