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Legacy part numbers are provided below for the convenience of our established customers who still reference older part numbers in their systems. You may either link to the existing parts page for features and pricing or give us a call and we'll be happy to assist you.

Legacy Part NumberDescription
0252-00-0012Precision 50 kV divider HV probe,10 MΩ Model 252-M-01
0252-00-0011Precision 50 kV divider HV probe,1 MΩ Model 252-M-001
0250-00-0001Precision 50 kV divider HV probe,>10 GΩ Model 252-G-01
0250-00-0005Precision 50 kV divider HV probe,>10 GΩ Model 252-G-10S
0250-00-0003Probe tip, corona ball, Model 250B
0250-00-0004Probe tip, pointed tip, Model 250P
0250-00-0007Probe tip, hook tip, Model 250H
0250-06-0001Probe tip, connector insert, Model 250S
Model Description Price Order Qty.
1 2–9
HV Probes
250-G-01 50 kV probe, open cal, 1000:1 $480 $436
250-G-10 50 kV probe, open cal, 10000:1 $480 $436
250-M-01 50 kV probe, 10 MΩ cal, 1000:1 $480 $436
250-M-10 50 kV probe, 10 MΩ, 10000:1 $480 $436
Probe Tips
250B HV probe tip, corona ball $47 $47
250P HV probe tip, pointed $18 $18
250H HV probe tip, hook $14 $14
250S HV probe tip connector insert $2 $2
Probe Cases
252CASE Storage case for 50 kV probes $175 $175
Viewing Blocks
HVT30 30 kV viewing block with AC-coupled out $600 $600