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MODEL 2594

Single output power supply: +50 kV @ 800 μA

  • Output ripple under 300 mV p–p at full load (50 kV, 800 μA)
  • Temperature coefficient under 50 ppm/°C
  • Stored energy under 0.25 J at 30 kV output
  • Separate connections for HV output cable shield and programming reference
  • Overvoltage and overcurrent limited
  • Short circuit and arc protected
  • Temperature coefficient under 10 ppm/°C
  • Automatic output voltage recovery after arcs and short circuits
  • Floating high voltage return available
  • Common applications include electron beams, ion beams, and X-ray tubes

Model 2594 is a high-stability power supply designed for the difficult requirements of focused ion and electron beam systems, featuring low ripple and stored energy. The low stored energy at the output reduces system upsets when arcing occurs. The low output ripple is the result of using sine wave excitation to the high voltage multiplier, as well as the use of a novel cancellation circuit. This avoids reliance on a large-value output capacitor.

The 2594 uses separate power return lines for the high voltage load, the input power, and the voltage programming reference. Separating these signals reduces unwanted interactions between the critical programming reference and the other circuits. It also reduces the 60 Hz noise that results from AC line power input.

NOTE: CPS also offers a 40 kVDC configuration for Model 2594. Certain specifications in the table below may only correspond with the standard 50 kV versions. Please call for further details regarding customization of this product.

Input voltage24 VDC
Input current0.3 A RMS maximum at 120 V RMS
Output voltage50 kV maximum (adjustable)
Output current800 μA maximum
Line regulation0.005% for ±10% change in input voltage
Load regulation0.005% for no-load to full-load swing
Output voltage noise and ripple300 mV peak-to-peak maximum at 50 μA load
Time stability0.005% in 1 hour
0.01% in 8 hours
Temperature coefficient< 50 ppm/°C
Dimensions2.5 × 12.0 × 5.0 in.
Output connectorCPS HVC-150 (Caton LGG 41 optional)
Operating temperature0 to 50 °C
Program voltage5 V for full scale output (10 V optional)
Voltage metering1 V per 10 kV output
Current metering1 V per 100 μA output
Model Description Price Order Qty.
1 2–9
2594AC 50 kV AC E-beam, ion beam, and X-ray tube power supply $2,475 $2,250 Call
2594DC-50 50 kV DC E-beam, ion beam, and X-ray tube power supply $1,320 $1,188 Call
2594DC-40 40 kV DC E-beam, ion beam, and X-ray tube power supply $1,320 $1,188 Call
150CBL-01 50 kV cable with flying lead $332 $332
150CBL-02 50 kV cable with two connectors $575 $575