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MODEL 3603

Triple output power supply: −0.5 to −30 kV @ 300 μA, 0 to +5 V @ 0 to 3 A floating, 0 to −2 kV @ 200 μA floating

  • Three outputs: −30 kV 330 μA, floating −1 kV 25 μA and 5 VDC 3 A
  • Compact enclosure
  • Interlock input and status LEDs
  • Federal Standard output connector
  • RS-232 remote control
  • Demo software with source code
  • Ideal for electron microscopes and similar applications

Model 3603 contains three common power supplies used by scanning electron microscopes within a compact 25 × 15 × 20 cm enclosure. The filament and bias voltages float on the accelerator voltage; all three are remotely programmable via the RS-232 data port. Connection to a SEM occurs through a conventional 3-pin Federal Standard connector. A plug-in terminal block connects 24 VDC input power, an external safety interlock, and a ″HV On″ status bit.

Functional block diagram

Model 3603 functional block diagram

Two status lights show serial communication activity and a heartbeat lamp indicates that the processor of the 3603 is active.

The bias voltage is derived from the accelerator supply and controlled by an electronically programmable Wehnelt resistor.


A C-language demo program allows control over all supplies and reports communication activity. It displays the set-point of each supply and the actual measured outputs. Internal temperatures of the individual power supplies are also displayed.

Demo program



PN Image Description
3603CBL 3-conductor, high voltage output cable (included with model 3603).
Acceleration Voltage
Output voltage range−500 VDC to −30 kVDC
Output current300 μA
Output ripple and noise< 300 mV
Output temperature drift10 ppm/hour
Programmable step size1 ppm
Output voltage range0 to −2 kVDC
Output current200 μA
Programmable resolution1 ppm
Stability50 ppm/hour
Ripple and noise< 1 V
Output voltage0 to 5 VDC
Output current0 to 3 A
Output ripple< 10 mV
Output temperature drift100 ppm/hour
Programmable resolution1 ppm
ConnectorDB9 male
Signal levelsRS-232 or USB with special cable
Bit rate57 kbit/sec
Isolation1 kVDC maximum
Temperature range, operating10 to 35 °C
Temperature monitorInside floating HV section
Input power24 VDC ± 1.5 V, 3 A
Interlock circuitClosed contact enables HV
Dimensions10.0 × 7.5 × 4.5 in. (254 × 190 × 114 mm)
Weight11 lb (5 kg)
Output connector3-pin CA1-type Claymount
Input terminal blockRequires 6-pin Phoenix Contact 1803617
ManualInstruction manual for Model 3603
Application softwareGraphical UI and DLL for Model 3603
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1 2–9
3603 Triple output power supply: −0.5 to −30 kV @ 300 μA, 0 to +5 V @ 0 to 3 A floating, 0 to −2 kV @ 200 μA floating $4,638 $4,217